Thursday, October 30, 2014

Barbers Hill ISD Lunch & Learn with Lightspeed Systems

Join us on November 12th from 10am - 12pm to see how Barbers Hill has implemented a mobile learning program with Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets. We will also have a time to share ideas and discuss best practices. Click for details.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taking Art to a New Level at Barbers Hill Elementary South

As told by +Michelle Johnson, Elementary School South, Art

The art students at BHE South have been exploring with the new technology we have in our art room.

4th and 5th grade art students are using the new technology we have this year in our classroom to look up art work and artists to inspire them as they work on projects and to do research about their favorite artist. Students are able to upload their own artwork to the online student art gallery Artsonia using the tablets as well as write artist statements about their artwork. The most exciting thing about using the chromebooks so far is showing my students how to go to Google Classroom and log on to my art classroom. There my art students have the opportunity to evaluate and analyze art by doing the 4 step process we are currently doing in our physical classroom to reinforce higher level critical thinking while looking, describing, thinking and connecting to art. A huge thank you to +Suzie Wilburn for encouraging me and teaching me how to do the Google Classroom!  The kids love it…when my artists are finished with their projects they ask if they can get a chrome book and log on to the art classroom and of course I say, YES!!!
2nd and 3rd graders are able to upload artwork to Artsonia and write artist statements as well using the new tablets in our room. They also have access to educational art games to help them to create, problem solve, focus and collaborate with other students. They are very excited to use the tablets when they finish with their projects and I am excited to see where this new level (using technology in the art room) will take us in the future.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Going Google at BH Middle School South

As told by +Brittany Wood, Middle School South, Athletics/Science

My classes have been using Google Slides to complete vocabulary assignments each 6 weeks. I create the template, then for each word, they write the definition, an example, a non-example, a picture, and then use the term in a sentence. This assignment has been revolutionized by the ability to drag & drop pictures directly into their slides. The students are so engaged while using the technology, and as a teacher, I certainly appreciate the auto-save feature and the ease with which Google Classroom allows the students to retrieve and submit assignments online. Before Classroom, I would have to create the assignment, create the, share the assignment with students, they would have to make a copy, etc. etc. Google Classroom has taken away all of the hassle, and is a great learning hub for my students, and a great way for me to get the information to students and parents quickly. The grading process on Google Classroom is so easy, and I love that I can leave individual feedback and post grades right there. Also, the ability to work offline is such a great resource for my students when they want to work on their assignments somewhere they may not have internet access.
In addition to Google Vocabulary, I have started posting digital copies of assignments and links to websites that we use in class onto Google Classroom, eliminating the dreadful long URL’s, and the need for! All I have to say is “I put it in your Classroom,” and the kids know exactly what to do!