Monday, October 27, 2014

Going Google at BH Middle School South

As told by +Brittany Wood, Middle School South, Athletics/Science

My classes have been using Google Slides to complete vocabulary assignments each 6 weeks. I create the template, then for each word, they write the definition, an example, a non-example, a picture, and then use the term in a sentence. This assignment has been revolutionized by the ability to drag & drop pictures directly into their slides. The students are so engaged while using the technology, and as a teacher, I certainly appreciate the auto-save feature and the ease with which Google Classroom allows the students to retrieve and submit assignments online. Before Classroom, I would have to create the assignment, create the, share the assignment with students, they would have to make a copy, etc. etc. Google Classroom has taken away all of the hassle, and is a great learning hub for my students, and a great way for me to get the information to students and parents quickly. The grading process on Google Classroom is so easy, and I love that I can leave individual feedback and post grades right there. Also, the ability to work offline is such a great resource for my students when they want to work on their assignments somewhere they may not have internet access.
In addition to Google Vocabulary, I have started posting digital copies of assignments and links to websites that we use in class onto Google Classroom, eliminating the dreadful long URL’s, and the need for! All I have to say is “I put it in your Classroom,” and the kids know exactly what to do!

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