Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Future Entrepreneurs

Shared by +Kelly Melancon, Barbers Hill High School, Marketing Dynamics

My Marketing Dynamics class recently went through the process of creating a business plan and start-up. Students chose a business type and researched to create business plans which included an executive summary, business description, business image, marketing strategy, financial plan and all of the supporting documents.

Students utilized Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to organize their business plans. The students learned formulas within Sheets to create the financial plans for their chosen business. Once they had created the report in Docs, they prepared a Google Slide presentation to share with the class.

We use Google Drive in my classroom because of the variety of programs it has to offer. Students can share their work with the instructor, with one another for group projects, and access their documents at home or on their cellular device.

In the photos, the students are utilizing the new projectors installed in the technology wing at the high school to present their plan to the class.

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