Monday, November 24, 2014

Geometry, Cell Phones, and QR Codes

As told by +Pondarosia Collier, High School Geometry

My students were able to use their cell phones in this Geometry class by downloading a QR Code scanner. This allowed them to go through stations and work collaboratively with a partner to complete an assignment from their cell phones, by scanning the QR Code, which was a link to the assignment. Google Docs is a great place to share links. 

The first activity was over Using Parallel Lines and Transversals to name special angles and to solve for x in some instances. The next activity was used for a “Slope Scavenger Hunt” where students had to scan a QR code to access the particular problem, work it out, and to then “hunt” for the answer in another place in the hallway or classroom. This process of scanning went on until the game was over. 

My students loved this idea of using their cell phones in an educational environment and has asked when will they be able to work more with this process.

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