Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chromebook Cart in Action

Story provided by Suzanne Cofresi, 5th Grade ELA, Elementary School South

Our campus has recently been given a great technology gift—a chargeable cart with a classroom set of Chromebooks loaded with Google apps! By checking the cart out of the library for classroom use, teachers are able to provide students with a one to one computer experience to supplement classroom instruction.

To help prepare teachers for ways to use the Chromebooks in our classroom, several of our teachers presented idea sessions prior to the start of school. One of the sessions was presented by 4th grade teacher, +Jenny Royer. Jenny is part of the "Goo Crew" - a group of teachers who present technology ideas to other teachers.

As a result of the idea sharing, I decided to create Interactive Response Logs through Google Classroom to assess understanding of literature and provide a means for students to communicate with me, individually, in a back and forth online format. I have always enjoyed sharing thoughts with my students regarding the books they are reading through Reading Response Logs. Students would respond to a question regarding their book, describe character traits and decisions made by characters in their book, compare/contrast characters or free write about their book in their Language Arts folder. I would then collect the folders and make comments or perhaps respond with a question to their response.

With Google Classroom on the Chromebooks, students are able to complete their book responses by typing in their thoughts and answers and I am able to easily reply back. We continue this back and forth response log about the books that they read throughout the year. Google Classroom provides a much more interactive experience for students and a much simpler, more engaging means for me to communicate with my students.

Students are eager to respond online and I have even had students log into Google at home to add to their Response Log, without ever being assigned this as a homework assignment. The students LOVE this format of Reader Response Logs and can't wait to log into the Response Log in Google in order to view my response back to them! Definitely a win-win!!

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