Friday, September 25, 2015

Goo Crew

Story provided by +Katie Russell, Director of Technology

Goo Crew
Noun, often attributive | goo kru

Definition of GOO CREW

1. a: an innovative and exciting group of BHISD teachers
    b: carries the banner for Google and its transformational qualities in the classroom
    c: trainer/helper of fellow teachers on their campus

2. a: a number of people who are connected by one shared activity, interest, or
        quality, i.e. Google in the Classroom
    b: reaching a desired outcome of SUCCESS!

With so many of our teachers using and embracing the value of Google Apps for Education in Barbers Hill ISD, we wanted to form a Goo Crew to assist with even more sharing and teaching about how to use Google, tablets and Chromebooks in the classroom.

We have 22 teachers from across the district that have agreed to be a part of this select crew as they have shown innovative ideas and a great effort in learning and using GAFE.  These teachers from each campus are making strides each day to share how Google and Google devices are helping their students become more successful and well rounded.  This group of teachers challenge themselves to learn more and more so they can pass along what they learn to others.

The Goo Crew assisted the tech team in leading summer staff development and continue to model great teaching strategies in the classroom.  This great group of teachers help us to keep our pulse on the needs and wants of the campuses. We are always looking for innovative ideas to better serve in the areas of professional development, software and hardware. Student success is always first on our list!
We appreciate all they have done and look forward to all they will do for our teachers and most especially our students! Thank you GOO CREW!!

Our GOO GREW members are +Kelly Collins+Amy Cox+Sarah Mcdonald+Jason West+Ms. Vincent+Melissa Castillo, +Suzy McDonald+Deleta Barlow+Jennifer Sandlin+Hannah Arnold+Teeya Thornton+Brittany Wood+Shawnda Jackson+Brandi Greathouse+Cheri Hargrave+Kelly Koonce+Juanita Hatfield+Jenny Royer+Vicky Moye+Laura Kelley and +Lisa Kana.

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