Friday, September 18, 2015

Online Assignments Improve Classroom Flow and Provide Instant Student Feedback

Story provided by +Kelly Melancon, BHHS CTE Instructor/Yearbook Advisor

I have found that using +Skyward, Inc. to gauge success in my classroom has made a huge difference for my students. It has also given me the opportunity to spend less time grading papers and allowed more time for planning quality instruction.

Teachers have the ability to create online assignments in Skyward. These assignments include items such as daily assessments, quizzes, reviews and tests. The assignments can be scheduled by class period, date, and time.

This gives me the ability to have students take the assessment, and upon submission, it is graded and automatically entered in the grade book. The students know immediately the grade they received and at the teacher’s discretion can view the questions they answered both correctly and/or incorrectly.  Teachers can choose to show the correct answers to the problems as well. This allows for immediate feedback for both the student and teacher. I know immediately if there is something I need to offer more instruction on so that my students have a better understanding of the concept.

This great tool has also dramatically reduced the need for making copies and printing in my room. Skyward Online Assessments along with +Google for Education have provided a much more efficient and “greenlearning environment in my classroom!

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