Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Mystery Hangout - Geography Style!

Story provided by +Kelly Koonce, Third Grade Teacher, Elementary School North

Our class put our geography skills to work as we "hung out" with a mystery class from California! During the Hangout, each class took turns asking yes or no questions using geography skills. We asked where the mystery class was located in relation to the oceans, other neighboring states and countries, and nearby mountain ranges. Even without a working microphone, the other class improvised and wrote their questions to us on paper. Each class was able to successfully guess the location of the other and the kids had a blast!

The students absolutely loved meeting another third grade class from different state and it was the perfect way to put our geography skills to use in an authentic way. It was very easy to set up and it took very little time to prepare the students for it. I'm looking forward to using Google Hangouts to meet with other classes around the nation and discuss everything from reading to math!

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