Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Amazing Chromebook Challenge

Story provided by +Brittany Wood, Science Teacher, Middle School South

As 6th Graders, my Science classes were the first group of students to be exposed to all the wonderful things that Google has to offer. Though the learning curve was steep, we faced the challenges day by day together, and by the end of the year, I had a classroom full of Google Pros! 

When I learned that I would be moving to 7th Grade with this group of students, I was thrilled! Not only did I get another year with some awesome kids, but I was going to be ahead of the Google Game! I knew the students I had last year would be familiar with Google apps, but I also knew that they had had a lot of time off (and did a lot of sleeping) and would definitely need a "refresher." It was because of this that I started thinking of quick ways to get the student's hands back on Chromebooks and into multiple Google apps without spending entire class periods talking about something that they already knew. On the opposite side of that thought, I did not want to spend entire class periods explaining the apps because they didn't remember how to use them. 

So was created the "Chromebook Challenge." The challenges were composed of instructions that I had "hidden" throughout the Google applications. Instructions would lead the students to open different apps, edit documents, then share these documents with myself and/or their classmates. Some challenges were group tasks, some were individual. In a matter of 10 minutes, students were logging into Chromebooks, locating documents, editing, and sharing them. The challenges were made into races, and the first three people to successfully complete and share their documents would receive a prize. 

At the end of three challenges, my students had used Classroom, Docs, Forms, and Slides quickly and efficiently. They had so much fun doing them, and it didn't take up much class time at all! This was a wonderful activity for the first week back-to-school to get my students using Google again. I will definitely be using these challenges for many years!

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