Friday, November 20, 2015

Google Hangout Overview

Are you new to Google Hangout or want to know more? Take a few minutes to watch this video created by +Sebastian Lopez, Jr. using PowToon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Google Classroom, Choir and MP3 Files

Story provided by Susannah Moorman, Choir, Barbers Hill High School

Using Google Classroom has made learning choir music much more efficient!

For one assignment, I had the students record a small portion [the main melody] of a piece of music and submit it using Google Classroom. These recordings enabled me to hear, and therefore correct, any problem areas in the music. 

One evening I posted a new singing assignment at home from my phone. The assignment went from 'idea' to 'posted' in minutes. In fact, one student was online and posted a question almost immediately! I was amazed. 

We are also using MP3 files for students to use while rehearsing their singing parts for class and for our competition music. This has saved both time and money, as we no longer make CD's for students to use at home or in class. 

Thanks, Google Classroom for making my teaching streamlined and more efficient!