Thursday, January 28, 2016

Response To Intervention Process Moving to Google Drive

Story Provided by +Jessica Ickes, Assistant Principal, Elementary School North

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a process where students are able to receive intervention outside the classroom, with specialists, in order to improve academics, behavior or even speech. There is an abundance of paperwork that is required for this process.

Many professionals collaborate on the paperwork for each student's RTI interventions. The collaborators could include a math/reading/speech interventionist, counselor, administrator, teacher(s), and even nurse. Each has their own forms to complete for each student and some forms require multiple people's input. In order to get everyone's information on the forms, they must be emailed out to several different people and then completed and returned by email to the administrator in charge of RTI. The administrator then saves the forms on the district internal servers.

Problems with this process - the district servers are accessible from the professional's home campus. This means they cannot work on forms from home. Because the servers capacity is limited, the student files are deleted at the end of each school year. If someone has a form open on their computer, it is not accessible for another person to open and add comments/suggestions to the form. The exchange of the many forms can get lost in the multitude of emails that an administrator receives each day.

Google Drive/Sheets can solve all of these problems! Google Drive can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. School professionals can now work on the forms from home. The student files do not need to be deleted at the end of each school year. The people with access to the file can simply be changed to follow the student throughout their entire school career.

All collaborators can work on a form at the same time. There is even a chat box where collaborators can communicate in real time. Collaborators can also leave comments on the forms when needed. Emailing forms will not be a part of the process any longer. Changes to forms are automatically saved. Administrators can even set notifications to receive an email when the forms have been edited. Additionally, pictures of student work can be inserted into the student's spreadsheet as well.

Google Docs/Sheets will make the paperwork part of the RTI process much less time consuming and difficult for all