Friday, March 11, 2016

CRAZY about Hangouts!

Story Provided by +Kristi Garrett , First Grade Teacher, Barbers Hill Primary School

My First Grade class has been able to use literacy through technology in a new and exciting way. On February 24th, National Read Aloud Day, my class read to a Kindergarten class in Crosby ISD using Google Hangouts. My students and Mrs. Hendry’s students were very engaged in the process and excited to see and hear one another. It was an amazing way to connect to another classroom in a different district and grade level. My students and I were so excited about this new opportunity that we wanted to utilize Hangouts more frequently.

To promote “Read Across America” on March 2nd, we used Google Calendar to set up our next Hangouts. That morning my students read to Mrs. Hendry’s Kindergarten class again. Then, later that day, Mrs. Rinando’s Eleventh grade Literature class at Barbers Hill High School read to my first graders. My students enjoyed hearing the older students read to them and were encouraged to continue their love for reading.
Not only did we use Google Hangouts for literacy, but we also did an interactive math activity with a first grade classroom in Goose Creek ISD. Being able to use Google Hangouts in the classroom has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities to connect with other teachers. It is not limited to just teachers around you but worldwide.
I am looking forward to upcoming Hangouts to further impact student learning through technology!