Thursday, April 21, 2016

Google Classroom

Story Provided by +Jenny Royer, 4th Grade ELA Teacher, Elementary School South

We are in the process of reviewing for the STAAR test, which is not the most exciting thing for 4th graders or their teacher! At this point, we are reviewing all skills and vocabulary for the test. I decided to flip things around and let them become the teachers. 

I used a random group creator online to form four groups. Each group had to analyze their poem together, discussing the poetry terms we've learned this year. I created an assignment in Google Classroom that included Google Slides. 

Each group had to work together to create a slideshow to present the poem and five STAAR based questions to ask the class based on the poem. Once completed, each group presented their poems to the class, talked them through how to comprehend and pull out the key elements of the text, and discussed each of the questions with the class. 

Now instead of listening to me talk them through it all, they were able to show their own knowledge and become the teachers. Some of the groups finished early, so I was able to show them how to incorporate slide transitions and insert pictures from Google. Overall, this project was a win-win for all involved! They had "fun" while learning and I was able to hear them using the terminology that they needed to review.