Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Superhero Writers

Story provided by +Cheri Hargrave, Computer Teacher, Elementary School North

+Kori Tyler 5th grade ELA students were Superhero Writers today participating in an AMAZING RACE with +Kelly Collins 10th grade class at the HS.

The students used brainstorming skills as well as strategies for writing. They were able to apply techniques for writing as they wrote like superheroes!

Some of the stations included creating a Thesis statement, a Hook, Line, and Sinker (Introduction) and editing sentences. Students ended the race by dressing like a superhero and taking a picture!

Mrs. Collins said she was proud of her students ability to help instruct 5th graders and articulate with them the strategies for writing development. Mrs. Tyler was very excited that her students knew the writing strategies and were able to apply the skills they’ve been working on all year. Overall, both the students and teachers had a blast! They “wowed” us as they showed their “super” writing skills!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nutrition and Google Classroom

Story Provided by John Brown, Middle School South, Teacher/Coach

Recently at Middle School South, the boys’ and girls’ PE classes met in the library to have a lesson about proper nutrition and how it can affect the body. During this lesson the students worked in small groups using Google Classroom for much of the lesson.

We began by having each student complete a page in a shared Google Slide. On the slide they listed everything they ate and drank the day before. They then listed all of the physical activities they had participated in that day.

In the next part of the lesson we discussed the different parts of nutrition, what appropriate portions are for each nutrition group, and what can happen if we have excesses or deficiencies in any of those areas. Then we talked about what a calorie is and why we use that as a measure of the food we consume.

The third part of the lesson involved the students using websites and Google Apps to calculate their caloric intake from the previous day. They then calculated their caloric output based on their physical activities. The students then researched what caloric input/output should be for a person of their height, weight and age.

In the final part of the lesson the students had a discussion in Google Classroom about each other’s responses in the class presentation. This was the first time for many of the students to participate in an online discussion. The students were required to give feedback on at least two other students about the nutrition and exercise choices they had made. The students gave praise to those who made good choices and gave suggestions for better choices to those that didn’t. Finally, in the discussion some students noticed that they had common interests in the physical activities they enjoyed and they began setting up a times to meet at Eagle Point and other places to participate in those activities together.

The Middle School South PE teachers would like to thank +Alicia Brooks and +Stacy Pennington  for all their help with this lesson. We couldn’t have done it without them.