Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Superhero Writers

Story provided by +Cheri Hargrave, Computer Teacher, Elementary School North

+Kori Tyler 5th grade ELA students were Superhero Writers today participating in an AMAZING RACE with +Kelly Collins 10th grade class at the HS.

The students used brainstorming skills as well as strategies for writing. They were able to apply techniques for writing as they wrote like superheroes!

Some of the stations included creating a Thesis statement, a Hook, Line, and Sinker (Introduction) and editing sentences. Students ended the race by dressing like a superhero and taking a picture!

Mrs. Collins said she was proud of her students ability to help instruct 5th graders and articulate with them the strategies for writing development. Mrs. Tyler was very excited that her students knew the writing strategies and were able to apply the skills they’ve been working on all year. Overall, both the students and teachers had a blast! They “wowed” us as they showed their “super” writing skills!

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