Thursday, June 2, 2016

Science & STEM Classes Meet A NASA Engineer

Story Provided by +Kathy Hayman, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Middle School North

My Science and STEM classes recently had the opportunity to meet with a rocket propulsion engineer using Adobe Connect. Michele Beisler is a mechanical engineer at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

Students learned about rockets and physics applications through experiments, labs, and building and launching their own rockets. They watched videos and previewed information about Stennis, and learned about the rockets and rocket launches that take place at this location. 
During the discussion, students visited with Ms. Beisler about NASA, rockets, and her career as an engineer. They were excited to talk to her. The ability to see her made it a more personal experience. Using the Adobe Connect program to meet with Ms. Beisler was a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and interact with her in real-time. This experience has made me more excited about using technology in my classroom. It has allowed me to connect my students with people and events around the globe, and to show them that science is happening all around us.